Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Owen Guitar Shop services a wide range of musical instruments and other music-related gear: electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, effect pedals, speakers and speaker cabinets, cables, and more. Take the next step in getting your gear in the finest-working, and best-looking, order it's ever been!



Attention to detail is important to us, and no part of your guitar goes untouched during a setup. Whatever your gear needs, choose from a simple, standard, or deluxe setup. You’ll be amazed with how well your guitar plays and sounds after one of our setups!



Do you have a dust-covered guitar in need of repair? A speaker cabinet destroyed from last night’s gig? From small finish touch-ups to complete rebuilds, we can get your gear back to its full potential. Ask us for a quote with a quick turn-around.



We’ve all been there – dreaming of that mod, but not quite sure what to do. Thinking of new pickups? Or a Bigsby for your Tele? A different set of tubes for your amp? Or maybe even a complete refinish? Let us know how we can help your vision become a reality.


Attention to detail is important to us, and no part of your guitar goes untouched during a setup. Whatever your needs, choose from a simple, standard, or deluxe setup. You’ll be amazed with how well your guitar plays and sounds after one of our setups!


A simple setup that will take care of strings, truss rod adjustment and a simple cleaning...

  • Clean and polish
  • Clean fretboard
  • Tighten hardware
  • Adjust trussrod (if necessary)
  • New strings installed and stretched
  • Adjust action, intonation and pickup height
  • Clean electronics


A complete adjustment and cleaning of every aspect of the guitar...

  • All included in "SIMPLE" plus:
  • Clean and oil fretboard
  • Polish frets
  • Clean electronics
  • Measure fret height and adjust nut slot depth
  • Adjust action, intonation and pickup height
  • New strings installed and stretched


A deluxe setup that includes extra cleaning, an extra pack of strings, photos of your guitars...

  • All included in "STANDARD" plus:
  • High polish frets
  • Saddle(s) removed, cleaned and oiled
  • Electronic joints re-soldered (if necessary)
  • Pickup output measured
  • Free extra set of strings!
  • Photo diary of each step of the process


What does a guitar 'setup' entail?

A setup is a process completed to help a guitar sound, feel, and play its best. Several parts of the guitar are cleaned, inspected, and adjusted during this process. Most guitar necks and bodies are made of wood and are affected by relative humidity. A good rule of thumb is to have your guitar setup at least twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring. This is the time of year when the outside relative humidity will fluctuate, along with your guitar. To keep your guitar sounding and playing its absolute best, bring it to us for a setup. To see more details, visit our setups page.


Do you service ukeleles, banjos, mandolins, and stringed instruments?

Yes, we are a full service shop for these "western" style stringed instruments. Contact us to ask if we can service your instrument.

Can I come by the shop anytime?

Unfortunately, we run Owen Guitar Shop on an appointment-only basis. However, if you need something in a hurry, please call us at (260) 750-1336 and we will do anything we can to accomodate.

Can I contact you for advice on a repair or mod that I'm working on?

Sure! We'll assist you with your own repair or mod work. Just contact us, and let us know what you may need.

Do you offer a warranty/guarantee for the work completed?

Absolutely. All services are covered by a 90-day all-inclusive guarantee. If for any reason the gear needs an adjustment, or the work did not hold up to your standards, let us know and all adjustments will be completed at no cost within the 90-day completion window.

Do you give guitar lessons?

No, we're not currently offering guitar lessons through OGS. We do, however, have contacts in the Fort Wayne area for reputable guitar teachers.

Are you an authorized service center for any brand of gear?

No, we're currently not an authorized service center for any guitar gear brand. We will, however, give you a quote on any service work*. If you are in your warranty period, we would recommend you contact the manufacturer to find the nearest authorized service center.

*Owen Guitar Shop is not responsible for any warranties being voided if service is performed under an active warranty period.

Do you service violins, cellos, harps, or other 'orchestral' instruments?

No, we do not service orchestral stringed instruments, nor woodwind, brasswind, or the like. We can, however, service any percussion-style instrument.

What brands of guitars, amps, and accessories do you carry?

While Owen Guitar Shop is centered around completing repairs, modifications, and building custom guitar gear, we do carry other brands of guitars, amps, effect pedals, cases, and many other guitar accessories. To see the complete list of  brands and products we carry, visit our retail page.

Do you sell parts so I can do my own repair or mod?

Absolutely! We stock a wide range of guitar and amp parts that are available for individual purchase. Parts such as pickups, guitar hardware, building supplies like wood, fretwire, hookup wire, etc., or vacuum tubes for your amp are available for purchase. We are an authorized dealer of AllParts products. If we don't have what you need in stock, let us know as we can order it and ship directly to you. To see the complete list of brands of parts we carry, please email or call us!


Can I trade used gear for repair or mod services?

We only consider select used gear for trade if it's something on our watch list. We do not accept "Frankenstrat" type trade-ins. Gear with all original parts, cases, and paperwork will add to the trade-in value.

Will you go out on tour with us?!

Hey, I have to live my "rockstar" dream somehow! Why not vicariously through you?! Contact us for more information on hiring for guitar tech services, locally or regionally.


Justin Zych

Guitarist - Cougar Hunter, Valhalla, Vindicator, Zephaniah, Viking

"Owen Guitar Shop never lets me down when it comes to getting products I need as well as for last-minute fixes on all my guitars. He always keeps you updated on the status of your instruments and products he orders for you. Definitely a shop that cares about his customer's gear like it is his own!"


Greg Titzer

Guitarist - KillNancy, Evinee Eden, Seattle Rain

I get asked all the time, "where can I go to get my guitar worked on". This is where I tell them I go. You should too. Wade ALWAYS takes care of my equipment in a timely and professional manner. If I were a big-time touring pro, I'd be taking him out on the road with me!!


Kevin Samuel

Guitarist - Thematic

"I've known Wade for years now and he has literally been the only other man to touch my guitars other than myself. He's a true professional and it's always a pleasure doing business with him. His expansive knowledge is mind blowing from guitars to gear and from amps to cutting edge technology. Basically what it boils down to is that Wade is a secret weapon!"


Ready to bring your guitar in and give it one of the best treatments it's ever seen? Head over to our appointment scheduling page to book a time that's convenient for you!

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- Eddie Van Halen

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- Slash