Your Questions on Trends Answered

I feel I have so much I would wish to share with my friends but the social media platform does not seem good enough for me. Please advise.

The social media has potential and a ready audience to tell your stories. However, you must have a good reason why you feel that it is not good enough. There are so many ways one can express himself or tell a story that is not necessarily on the mainstream social media platforms. One can make use of blogs and podcasts. These require one to have a page or a site where you will be sharing your experiences and stories. There are so many benefits of blogs and podcasts as one can establish own brand and in the process even earn some revenue. However, it may need traffic for it to be a successful venture. You must have people visiting your blog or subscribing to your podcasts if you have to get an audience. This is where the social media comes in. Some of the social media sites can host you for instance, you can create your own page on Facebook and start with your friends as an audience. Also, the social media sites will act as your springboard as you start out with advertising or marketing your blog or page. In a way, harnessing the power of social media will be more to your advantage if you are to make an impact on the social scene fast.

I am a student at the university doing a research for my thesis. I have a digital assistant. Will it be in order to produce the work as it gives me when I ask?

A digital assistant uses the various search engines to gather information and respond to the various queries we may have. The information given is taken from any work that is of free access on the web. Many people may have accessed the same work and even used the same citations you may be planning to use. The information you may get from the web through your digital assistant is to help you research further by giving you clues and potential sources for what you may be looking for. It may be unwise to just print whatever is downloaded for you without even looking at the relevance and contribution it is adding to your research goals. Again, a digital assistant should be of use to you without changing its position in whatever it helps you do- that of an assistant.

I want to buy a smart cooker but I am not a very good cook. Where can I get customized menus and recipes for my use?

Congratulations on your decision to buy a smart cooker, it is an asset in this ever-changing digital world. When you want to buy a smart cooker, a number of considerations like where you will source the materials, the brands available and what they have to offer must come to mind. There are so many brands of smart cookers in the market. Samsung smart oven and Tovala are some of the smart cooker brands in the market. The Samsung oven comes with preset recipes where you can pick one to prepare your food as you want. It has sensors inside so there will be no fear of overcooking or burning the food. The Tovala smart cooker goes a step further as it constantly and consistently downloads recipes from the internet through its Wi-Fi connectivity. Every three weeks, the Tovala chefs upload new recipes that are usually downloaded. All you have to do is select the best brand basing on the things it can do and learn how to operate the gadget.

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